With MyLK Manage and share your learning.

Track your digital learning and share it with others.
MyLK will help you find training resources so that you gain new skills and enhance your knowledge.
Or even find a new job!


What is MyLK ?

Track your learning

Think about the many online sources you learn from every day: articles, blogs, videos, courses. You may only take little steps each day, but together they have brought you to where you are. Have you ever thought about recording all this tremendous work you do everyday, and keeping records of all that learning in one place? MyLK lets you do it all!

Manage your learning records

MyLK empowers every user with advanced tools to manage your learning records. You have many options for organizing the records of your learning, in a way that is meaningful to you.

Share your learning

If you’re proud of your learning, why not to show it to the world? You can let others – professionals, collaborators or recruiters – see these records. Share your story; share valuable resources; or share whole learning paths.

Find inspiration

It’s a good time to build upon community wisdom. The old standard career paths are a thing of the past. Up-to-date experience from other professionals may inspire your next career steps and help you make better decisions. Be an inspiration; and gain inspiration from others. Explore the paths of users from all over the world and find inspiring resources.

Learn in a group

Learning in groups is faster and richer. Free flowing inspiration, and a space for interaction, can boost your learning and your development. Try out the power of the MyLK community.

How do I track my learning ?

In order to track your learning, you need the MyLK plugin in your browser.
MyLK tracks your learning only when the plugin is activated.
You can activate and de-activate the plugin at any time.

Install the plugin *Plugin only available for Chrome web-browser during the prototype phase.
Activate the plugin Each time you want MyLK to manage your learning, click the plugin button in the upper right corner of your browser to activate the tracking.
Deactivate the plugin When you want the MyLK-plugin to stop tracking, simply deactivate the plugin.
Feel free Even if the plugin is active, it will only record your learning activities.
Only platforms listed below are tracked during the prototype phase.

MyLK features

Track your learning

Manage your Digital Learning Resources

Share valuable resources and Career Paths

Find highly-rated resources from the community

Get Statistics on your progress

Learning content providers